LLC "BALTFLOTKADRY" offers services for shipowners:

We invite ship owners to mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are ready to provide your vessels with qualified personnel in full accordance with your requirements. For the years of our work we have formed a large base of seamen of various specialties. We make a careful selection of candidates, check the availability of all necessary documents for work on ships, as well as their compliance with international standards and requirements.

We are always glad to offer you our knowledge and skills for the most successful performance of services, namely:

-Search, selection and hiring of qualified personnel in accordance with the requirements of the shipowner

-Constant formation and updating of data in the personal base of our company of seamen of various specialties
- Planning and organization of crew changes


-Though monitoring and verification of all working diplomas and qualification certificates, as well as certificates from training simulators in accordance with the international conventions of SOLAS and STCW

-Organization of training and training of specialists in cooperation with the leading training centers of the Russian Federation

- Signing of contracts for hiring and other necessary documents on behalf of the shipowner

-Organization of travel of seamen to the place of work

-Visa support services

- Strict compliance with Shipowners' Quality Management Systems

-Organization of internal educational and familiarization activities, video conferences, video interviews on modern equipment

-Payment calculations, financial services

-Organization of cadet practice for cadets of maritime educational institutions of the Russian Federation

-Other licensed procedures and services at the request of shipowners and seafarers