Our company is a promising marine recruitment agency which covers the entire range of services directly related, with the preparation of documents for obtaining the Identity Card of the Sailor Person (SID) and the Navigational Book, as well as the employment of marine specialists.



List of documents for registration of Identity Card of Seaman:

- Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation
- Valid passport (not less than 6 months)
- Certificate (SOLAS-Initial Training)
- Qualification certificate (working diploma, academic), if available
- A work record (information for the last 5 years) or a photocopy
- Military ticket (if you are under 27 years old)
- Photo 3 * 4 2 pieces
- Medical Commission (marine)

Documents required for registration of the Navigational Book:

- passport
- international passport
- 2 photos (colored 3x4, shirt, tie)