Our company has been operating on the basis of the personnel companies of the Kaliningrad region for more than 20 years, which was completed by the crews of Tralflot, Atlantrybflot, Pioneer Base and other fishing organizations in the Kaliningrad Region, the Far East and the Northern District. We have a positive reputation of a reliable partner among shipowners and seafarers, this is facilitated by many years of experience of the agency's personnel in the marine business. Our priority is the selection of qualified cadres of rank and file officers for all types of ships. In 2015, about 100 sailors joined the ranks of the Kaliningrad companies. In each case, we are striving to establish long-term cooperation with the shipowner and with the seafarer. Every day the database of BaltfloTkadry is supplemented by new specialists ready to begin their duties in the The right moment.

    To date, there are more than 7000 questionnaires of crew members from seamen to the rank and file who work in the transport fleet and fishing vessels of this type, such as RTMKS, STM, BATM, BMRT, SRTM, etc., in our firm. In the short term, contracts with Companies of the Far Eastern region.